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Who We Are

Jill Gutierrez Wilde is the Chief Magic Maker at Wilde Big Sur: a forest retreat and music venue on the South Coast of Big Sur, just ninety minutes from San Luis Obispo. 


Jill plays the role of mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend. She’s a music maker, poet, growth facilitator, massage practitioner, somatic explorer, and a light being sharing her personal human experience. Her purpose is to create space for people to feel unconditional love. And her mission in life is to delight the world back to its senses. 


Jill was the owner of East Wellbeing and Tea Spa for five years which was a gift in helping her build a health conscious community and connected her to many local healers on the Central Coast. Her travels from India, to Australia, from Borneo, to Thailand and Costa Rica to Oaxaca and beyond have connected her to amazing healing practitioners and people around the world looking to create a shift in global consciousness. 


Jill resides in Big Sur, CA. Her current passion is embracing the wild - In nature, on each of our paths, and in our individual hearts. 

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