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Spirit Renewal Retreats


Spirit Reset - with Gaia Lamb
April 28-30, 2023

Join Gaia and Jill Wilde in the gorgeous redwoods and stunning Pacific Ocean views in Big Sur as we learn how to reconnect with self, with Mother Earth and with each other to open a new chapter and begin our next phase of healing post covid. We are being called to heal ourselves and embark on a new journey of self discovery and self love. On this retreat we will learn how we can best serve - by seeking inner guidance from our highest selves. Open to your understanding of what you were called here to do and receive the messages of the universe to heal yourself and begin your life's work and play. 


Gaia Lamb is a mind/body therapist, seminar leader and outdoor transformational guide. Gaia has innovated "whole brain" programs for children and adults for over 30 years. A "Spiritual Midwife" awakens people to the Ground of Being, rebonding with the physical body and Earth itself. 

Interested in Joining Us In Big Sur 
August 18-20 - We'll Share More Details 
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Thanks for reaching out - we're excited to share more details.

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