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Singer Songwriter Retreats:

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A Quick Message from
Adam Levine

A Quick Message from
Laura Knutson

A Quick Message from
Jill Wilde

11 AM Welcome Reception

            Get Acquainted

1PM - Opening Ceremony                      & Invocation 

2PM - Intention Setting & Voice              Embodiment

3PM - Where We Are & Where                We Are Going - Musically

4PM - Evening Sunset Hike

6PM - Dinner 

7PM - Hearth Campfire Sing &                Play

9PM - Meditation & Toning

7AM Light Breakfast

7:45AM Yoga on Deck

8:00AM Musicianship & Lead                    Sheets

10:30AM Finding Voice

1PM Lunch

2PM Lead Sheets Continued

3:30PM - Lyrics and Listening

5:30PM Processing Methods &                   Insights

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Fire & Circle Songs

8AM Walking Meditation

9AM Song Review & Workshop

10:30 Brunch

12PM Musical Review & Share

2:00 Final Shares & Goodbyes

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